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Anna Flensburgh Marshall 8043 /
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Anna Flensburgh Marshall 8043
(April 1721 – early 1800s)
Birth: April 1721, Albany, NY
Death: early 1800s
Parents: Daniel Flensburgh
Johanna Yates Flensburgh 8057
Siblings: Anna Flensburgh Marshall (April 1721 – early 1800s)
Partners: Pieter Marshall

Anna Flensburgh was born in April 1721. She was the daughter of Albany residents Daniel and Johanna Yates Flensburgh. She grew up in a small family in a modest first ward home. In 1725, she was named to inherit a share of her father's estate.

In July 1743, she married Pieter Marshall at the Albany Dutch church. By 1755, six children had been christened at the Albany church where both parents were regular baptism sponsors.

This Marshall family lived in Albany's first ward near the homes of Anna's kin.

After more than fifty years of marriage, Pieter Marshall died in July 1795. Anna Flensburgh Marshall then became the recipient of alms from her church. After several years of poor relief, She probably died during the early 1800s.