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Douw J. Fonda
(September 1701 – ?)
Birth: September 1701, Albany, NY
Death: ?
Parents: Jan Fonda
Maria Loockermans Fonda 5938
Siblings: Douw J. Fonda (September 1701 – ?)

This Douw Fonda was born in September 1701. He was the son of Jan and Maria Loockermans Fonda. A middle child of a large Albany then Rensselaerswyck family, he was destined to become a city-based mainstay.[1] A number of "Douw Fondas" appear to be at risk during his lifetime. This sketch strives to focus on the Albany resident we call Douw J. Fonda.

In October 1732, Douw married one "A." Van Ness at the Albany Dutch church. By 1744, perhaps four of their children had been christened in Albany. However, a different "Douwe Fonda" also was baptizing children during that time.

In April 1728, "Douwe Fonda's" second ward house was referenced in the city records.[2] In 1729, he was named firemaster in the second ward.[3] In 1732, perhaps it was not this subject who was appointed constable for the third ward. Beginning in 1736, we guess that who we call Douwe J. first was elected assistant alderman for the second ward.[3] That individual was re-elected in 1737 and 1738.

In 1742, this "son of John Fonda" was so identified on a list of freeholders in the second ward.

In January 1743, the city records last referenced "Dowe Fonda" by noting that he was among those who were delinquent in what they owed the city treasury.[4]

At this point, we move on still seeking information about the later life and passing of this second ward resident.

We are not alone in being unsure of which Douwe Fonda baptized specific offspring during the 1730s and 40s.