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Elizabeth Fonda Williams 3817
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Elizabeth Fonda Williams 3817
(May 1727 – ?)
Birth: May 1727, Albany, NY
Death: ?
Parents: Claes Fonda
Anna Marselis Fonda
Siblings: Elizabeth Fonda Williams (May 1727 – ?)
Partners: Peter Williams 6319

Elizabeth Fonda was born in May 1727. She was the daughter of Albany residents Claes and Anna Marselis Fonda.

In September 1755, she was twenty-eight when she became the second wife of a somewhat older Peter Williams in a ceremony at the Albany Dutch church. By 1766, five children had been christened in Albany.

Williams was a tailor and merchant whose house[1] was in the second ward. He was last heard from in 1768.

We seek more information on the subsequent life of Elizabeth Fonda Williams.