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Geertje Fonda Becker Slingerland 3854
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Geertje Fonda Becker Slingerland 3854
(before 1650 – after May 1700)
Birth: before 1650
Death: after May 1700, Hackensack, Bergen County, Province of New Jersey
Parents: Jellis Douwse Fonda
Hester Fonda
Siblings: Geertje Fonda Becker Slingerland (before 1650 – after May 1700)
Douwe Jellis Fonda (~1645 – December 1700)
Partners: Jan Bicker
Teunis C. Slingerland 5439

Geertje Fonda was born prior to 1650. She probably was the daughter of New Netherland pioneers Jellis Douwse and Hester Fonda. We are uncertain whether she was born in Europe or America.

In April 1684, Albany church records identified "Geertje Fondaas" as the widow of one "Jan Bicker"[1] (apparently not a member of the family of Jan Jur. Becker) and was living in Albany when she married Teunis C. Slingerland, a widower with several children. The son of "Antoni Van Slingerland" was christened a month later. Their daughter was born in 1689. After that, her name was not found in the records of the Albany church.

Perhaps these Slingerlands' moved south. Traditional sources hold that Teunis Slingerland died in Hackensack, New Jersey.[2] Geertje Fonda Becker Slingerland was not mentioned in that context. We seek defining information on her later life and passing.