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Johannes Evertsen 7975
(March 1716 – ?)
Birth: March 1716
Death: ?
Parents: Jacob Evertsen
Elizabeth Hallenbeck Evertsen
Siblings: Johannes Evertsen 7975 (March 1716 – ?)
Partners: Susanna La Grange Evertsen 7974
Children: Bernardus Evertsen (October 1747 – January 1802)
Elizabeth Evertsen Van Hoesen (February 1751 – ?)
Evert Evertsen 7970 (January 1749 – July 1823)
Hendrick Evertsen 7962 (March 1761 – July 1814)

Johannes Evertsen was born in March 1716 and christened in the Lutheran church. He was the son of Albany residents Jacob and Elizabeth Hallenbeck Evertsen.

At age twenty-four, he married seventeen-year-old Susanna La Grange in the Lutheran church. By 1767, the marriage had produced at least ten children who were baptized in several Albany churches. He probably belonged to the Albany Dutch church - where most of his offspring were buried. At any given time, his household was large and included slaves.

Evertsen settled his family in the North End of Albany where he plied the cooper's trade while serving as the town cryer. He also payed taxes on another lot in the third ward. He sometimes was known as "Hans Egar." In 1763[1], his name appeared on a list of Albany freeholders. By 1790[2], his name had dropped from the census of Albany and Watervliet. Perhaps, he had moved in with one of his three sons who were Albany householders. Johannes Evertsen filed a will that passed probate on March 29, 1791. His wife was dead but six surviving children shared his middling estate.