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Maria Egberts Lansing 4530
(February 1714 – March 1771)
Birth: February 1714
Death: March 1771
Parents: Benjamin Egbertse
Anna Visscher Egberts 4092
Siblings: Maria Egberts Lansing 4530 (February 1714 – March 1771)
Egbert Egberts 4515 (March 1711 – August 1760)
Partners: Jacob Lansing, Jr. 3724

Maria Egberts was born in February 1714. She was the daughter of Benjamin and Anna Visscher Egberts. She grew up in a merchant's home on Pearl Street. Traditional sources[1] tell us that she was known as "Polly."

In November 1742, she was twenty-eight when she married Jacob J. Lansing at the Albany Dutch church. By 1759, the marriage had produced nine children - the last born when Maria was forty-five-years old.

These Lansings lived in the North End in a landmark house on Market Street from where Jacob was a well-known silversmith. In 1762, she was left 1/6 of the remaining estate of Jacob Visscher - the widower of her childless aunt.

Maria Egberts Lansing died in March 1771. She had lived for fifty-seven years. She did not live to see the outstanding marriages of her three daughters. Her husband, however, survived until 1791.