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Rachel Everts De Garmo 7999
(November 1710 – April 1801)
Birth: November 1710
Death: April 1801
Parents: Jacob Evertsen 7966
Elizabeth Hallenbeck Everts
Siblings: Rachel Everts De Garmo 7999 (November 1710 – April 1801)
Jacob Evertson, Jr. 7971 (September 1724 – ?)
Evert Evertse 7984 (~1706 – ?)
Partners: Jellis De Garmo 809

Rachel Everts was born in November 1710. She was christened on February 4, 1711 at the Albany Lutheran church. She was the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Hallenbeck Everts. She grew up in a modest home located in the third ward.

In January 1731, she married Albany native Richard or Jellis De Garmo at the Albany Dutch church. By 1749, five children had been christened at the church where she was an occasional baptism sponsor.

These De Garmos lived without much notice over several decades. In 1779, Jellis filed a will that named Rachel as sole executrix. By 1788, she was called the widow and the owner of a first ward property. In 1790, she was named[1] on the census as the head of her household. In 1800[2], she was accounted for on the census in the household of her son, Gerrit.

Widow Rachel Everts De Garmo died in April 1801 and was buried by the Dutch church. She had lived almost ninety-one years.