William N. Capron

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William N. Capron
(late 1780's – June 1835)
Birth: late 1780's
Death: June 1835, Albany, NY
Parents: William Capron
Mary Northen Capron
Siblings: William N. Capron (late 1780's – June 1835)
Partners: Clarissa Dodge Capron

William N. Capron was born during the late 1780s. He was the son of William Capron (the younger) and Mary Northen Capron.

In 1814, William N. Capron married Clarissa Dodge of New York City.[1]

In 1813, he was called a merchant at 40 Lion Street.[2] Beginning in 1815, the home and business of William N. Capron began to appear in the Albany city directories[3]. Variously called a merchant and painter, his addresses were given as 30 Sand and 49 Washington Streets. As late as 1830, his was one of six Capron-named addresses in the booming city.

William N. Capron died in June 1835. He had lived 47 years. His widow, Clarissa, lived until 1846. Both deaths were noted in the Albany newspapers.[4]

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