Anna Cooper Lansing

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Anna Cooper Lansing 515
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Anna Cooper Lansing 515
(1714 – ?)
Birth: 1714, Albany
Death: ?
Parents: Obadiah Cooper 495
Cornelia Gardinier Cooper
Siblings: Anna Cooper Lansing (1714 – ?)
Jacob Cooper (April 1726 – 1813)
Elizabeth Cooper Lansing (August 1724 – 1783)
Abraham Cooper (February, 1728 – ?)
Obadiah Cooper (October 1720 – April 21, 1776)
Sara Cooper Van Benthuysen (October 1722 – ?)
Thomas Cooper (before 1718 – February 1801)
Partners: Evert Lansing 3245
Children: John E. Lansing 3751

Anna Cooper was born about 1714. She was the daughter of former soldier Obadiah and Cornelia Gardinier Cooper. Perhaps she was the eldest of twelve children who would live in the Southside home of a tailor and a daughter of the Albany countryside.

About 1735, Anna married Evert Lansing. Between 1736 and 1744, at least seven children were christened in the Albany Dutch church where both parents were regular baptism sponsors until at least 1754.[1] However, another daughter was baptized to Evert and Anna in February 1756 when Anna may have been in her forties.

During the middle third of the eighteenth century, these Lansings would raise their family in the East Manor on a farm inland from Papsknee Island.

Family traditions tell us that Evert Lansing died in 1768 and that Anna Cooper Lansing lived into the 1790s.[2] We seek documentation on their passings. Their son John E. Lansing was an Albany resident who later also lived on the east manor.