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The most basic element and at the core of our website exposition on the people of colonial Albany and their world is a biographical presentation on the life of a person who lived in the city of Albany more than two hundred years ago. Some of those people were lifelong residents; others lived in the city for substantial parts of their lives; others were just passing through.

The Colonial Albany Social History Project understands (and believes) that the life of a person living in the seventeenth and eighteenth century city of Albany was substantially different from that of the farmers and husbandmen who inhabited the surrounding countryside of what we refer to as old Albany County. To better focus on the human dimensions of "city life," the project has established definitive criteria for inclusion in the "people of colonial Albany" study population. The following tests have worked well in focusing project energy on the 16,000 men, women, and children we call the people of colonial Albany without regard for race, ethnicity, or status. Those criteria are:

  • Born before the end of the year 1800 - Absolute requirement for inclusion
  • Albany City Resident - lived in city, owned city property, worked or other business in city
  • Spouse of a city resident
  • Child born to Albany parents - parents were city residents for a significant length of time

Biographical Profile

A narrative containing most elements of a traditional biography that answers many life questions. Hopefully, all of the rank-and-file people of colonial Albany can look forward to a substantial profile on this website. The relative size of the "In-progress" icon provides a clue to how much more information we think we might be able to find/include. Before too long, every major early Albany family will have an overview family profile.

Biographical Sketch

Perhaps little more than connected research. Sketches are prematurely presented only to address the basic question of "Who?" Sometime sketches appear to be little more than notes. Please consider sketches as "a start," and as "better than nothing" or just "very sketchy."

Baseline Sketch

Baseline sketches contain only the barest information and are included for indexing purposes and to expose what we do not know about the subject.


More skeletal than the baseline sketch, a note is the barest notice of a person's life in early Albany - maybe only one reference in the historical record. But that reference leads us to believe that the individual qualifies for inclusion in the early Albany community biography. Like the other fragments, it is made available to encourage interested people to join the dialogue.


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