Elizabeth Cooper Lansing

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Elizabeth Cooper Lansing
(August 1724 – 1783)
Birth: August 1724
Death: 1783, Albany, NY
Parents: Obadiah Cooper
Cornelia Gardinier Cooper
Siblings: Anna Cooper Lansing (1714 – ?)
Jacob Cooper (April 1726 – 1813)
Elizabeth Cooper Lansing (August 1724 – 1783)
Abraham Cooper (February, 1728 – ?)
Obadiah Cooper (October 1720 – April 21, 1776)
Sara Cooper Van Benthuysen (October 1722 – ?)
Thomas Cooper (before 1718 – February 1801)
Partners: Abraham Jac. Lansing

Elizabeth Cooper was born in August 1724. She was an older daughter in the very large family of newcomers Obediah and Cornelia Gardinier Cooper. She grew up on the Southside of Albany among other families of former soldiers. Her father died in 1742 and her mother in 1748.

In May 1744, she married Abraham Jac. Lansing at the Albany Dutch church. By 1762, the marriage had produced eleven children. Their names followed traditional family naming practices.

These Lansings lived for a time in Albany. During the 1760s, her husband acquired a farm above Albany and on the eastern side of the Hudson River. There, he founded a "New City" that became the village of Lansingburgh. The family was living there by the time Abraham Jacobse Lansing died - probably in the summer of 1780.

After that, Elizabeth most likely went to live with her children or with other kin in Dutchess County.

Elizabeth filed a will in September 1780. It stated that she was late of Albany, a widow, and weak in body. Her will passed probate in April 1783. Elizabeth Cooper Lansing had lived almost fifty-nine years.