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Hendrick Bleecker was born in April 1686. He was a younger son in the large family of Albany stalwarts Jan Janse and Maragrita Van Woert Bleecker. He grew up in the Pearl Street home of a prominent fur trader[1] and probably spent considerable time in his younger days representing Bleecker family interests in the Indian country.

Like a number of other Albany-born frontier traders, Hendrick may not have married[2] but was a long time member and pewholder of the Albany Dutch church.

In 1715, he was identified as a member of an Albany militia company[3]. In 1720[4], he was appointed firemaster for the second ward. In 1723, and on several occasions over the next four decades[5], he was identified as an Albany merchant[6]. In 1756[7], he was listed on the census of Albany householders as an "Indian Trader" - even though he would have been about seventy-years- old. He may have been the partner of John Glen and was identified with Glen as the occupants of a house in the second ward in 1767[8]. Over the years, he owned other pieces of real estate[9] as well. In 1742[10] and 1763[11], he was listed as a freeholder living in the city of Albany. In 1742, the royal governor appointed him to the Commissioners of Indian Affairs[12].

Hendrick Bleecker died in January 1768 and was buried from his church. The burial bill was paid by his partner.

Hendrick Bleecker 183
(April 1686 – January 1768)
Birth: April 1686
Death: January 1768
Parents: Jan Janse Bleecker 2
Margarita Van Woert Bleecker 2613
Siblings: Johannes Bleecker, Jr. 199 (1668 – December 20, 1738)
Jannetje Bleecker Glen 197 (1673 – January 1755)
Rutger Janse Bleecker 227 (1675 – 1756)
Hendrick Bleecker 183 (April 1686 – January 1768)
Nicholas Bleecker 219 (December 1677 – Unknown)
Margarita Bleecker Ten Eyck 210 (March 1680 – ca. 1773)