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Jannetje Bleecker was born early in 1673. She was the daughter of New Netherland pioneers Jan Janse and Margarita Van Woert Bleecker.

In December 1698, she married John Glen, Jr. at the Albany Dutch church. By 1706, three of her children were christened in Albany where she was a longtime church member. Her family was small due to the untimely death of John Glen, Jr. in September 1706. At age forty-three, her childbearing days probabaly were over. However, unlike many younger widows, Jannetje Glen did not re-marry[1].

Despite having young children to raise, she remained the head[2] of their Pearl Street household for many years. Her second ward home was located close to those of her father and brother.

Jannetje Bleecker Glen died in January 1755 and was buried beneath the Dutch church in Albany.

Jannetje Bleecker Glen 197
(1673 – January 1755)
Birth: 1673
Death: January 1755
Parents: Jan Janse Bleecker 2
Margarita Van Woert Bleecker 2613
Siblings: Johannes Bleecker, Jr. 199 (1668 – December 20, 1738)
Jannetje Bleecker Glen 197 (1673 – January 1755)
Rutger Janse Bleecker 227 (1675 – 1756)
Hendrick Bleecker 183 (April 1686 – January 1768)
Nicholas Bleecker 219 (December 1677 – Unknown)
Margarita Bleecker Ten Eyck 210 (March 1680 – ca. 1773)
Partners: John Glen, Jr. 4932
Children: Catherina Glen Cuyler (September 1699 – by 1767)