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Margarita Bleecker was born in March 1680. She was a younger daughter in the large family of Albany residents Jan Janse and Margarita Van Woert Bleecker.

One of her Pearl Street neighbors was Hendrick Ten Eyck - like Margarita the son of a one-time shoemaker. In November 1706, they married at the parsonage of the Albany Dutch church where both partners were long-time members and regular baptism sponsors. Their eight children were baptized in Albany between 1708 and 1725. These families became more closely connected as his younger sister marrried her nephew in 1724.

These Ten Eycks also would live in the second ward where Hendrick was known as a baker then trader with business ties to Oswego.

The name of Margarita Bleecker Ten Eyck dropped from Albany rolls after she witnessed a baptism at the Albany church in June 1754. Her husband died in 1772. She may have lived until 1773[1]

Margarita Bleecker Ten Eyck 210
(March 1680 – ca. 1773)
Birth: March 1680
Death: ca. 1773
Parents: Jan Janse Bleecker 2
Margarita Van Woert Bleecker 2613
Siblings: Johannes Bleecker, Jr. 199 (1668 – December 20, 1738)
Jannetje Bleecker Glen 197 (1673 – January 1755)
Rutger Janse Bleecker 227 (1675 – 1756)
Hendrick Bleecker 183 (April 1686 – January 1768)
Nicholas Bleecker 219 (December 1677 – Unknown)
Margarita Bleecker Ten Eyck 210 (March 1680 – ca. 1773)
Partners: Hendrick Ten Eyck 4818