Maria Fonda Cooper

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Maria Fonda Cooper
(June 1724 – 1748)
Birth: June 1724
Death: 1748, Albany, NY
Parents: Pieter Fonda
Maria Beekman Fonda
Siblings: Maria Fonda Cooper (June 1724 – 1748)
Partners: Obadiah Cooper (October 1720 – April 21, 1776)

Maria Fonda was born in June 1724. She was the first child born to the marriage of Pieter and Maria Beekman Fonda. Her father died in 1742 and her mother passed in 1744. Her parents do not seem to have been Albany residents and we seek information on her childhood.

In March 1743, she married Obadiah Cooper at the Albany Dutch church. By 1746, two children had been christened in the church.

Her marriage was not a long one as "Obadiah Cooper's wife" was buried from the church in April 1748. A year later, Obadiah Cooper married a women from Fishkill and later relocated there. Maria Fonda Cooper had lived less than twenty-four years.