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Tradition holds that Tanneke/Tannetje/Jannetie Adams[1] was born in Lewarden Friesland about 1609. She became the wife of Ghent native Pieter Winne and came to New Netherland with him and their children about 1653.

Living for the next forty years in Beverwyck and Bethlehem, she was the wife of a prominent fur trader and husbandman. Family matriarch, she was the mother of at least a dozen Winne children.

Her ailing husband filed a joint will for them in July 1684. It listed her twelve living children and left the entire estate to Tannetje during her widowhood. Winne died after 1690 and before May 7, 1693 when she married widower Martin Cornelisse Van Buren. Tannetje died within a few years as Van Buren was a widower again in 1697.

  1. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. The date of her birth is conjectural - but probably not 1609 (as given in traditional sources) if any of her children were born in America.