William Capron

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William Capron (the younger) 7544
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William Capron (the younger) 7544
(after 1755 – August 2, 1823)
Birth: after 1755
Death: August 2, 1823, Albany, NY
Parents: William Capron
Siblings: William Capron (after 1755 – August 2, 1823)
Partners: Mary Northen
Children: William N. Capron (late 1780's – June 1835)

William Capron was born after 1755. He probably was the son or other kinsman of Albany resident William Capron who may have died in 1791.

In November 1787, William Capron married Mary Northen at the Albany Dutch church. It does not appear that any of his numerous offspring were christened in that church.

In 1800, his upper second ward household first was configured on the Albany census. It showed five or six children, two adolescants and the parents as residents. His household also appears to have been configured on the Albany census[1] in 1810.

He is said to have been Albany's first stoneware producer who opened a pottery on Washington Street in 1800. Stoneware items bearing the mark "ALBANY WARE" were said to have been made there. In 1805, Paul Cushman purchased Capron's enterprise.

In 1813, the first city directory noted the cooperage of Capron & Cameron at 9 Mark Lane and the residence of William N. Capron (probably his son) at 49 Lion Street.[2]

On August 2, 1823, the Albany newspaper ran a notice that William Capron had died at age sixty.[3]

Albany resident William N. Capron probably was his son.